Abigail Gomez

Abigail Gomez

interwoven identities mural


ARtist statement

Gomez is a firm believer that art is, and must remain, a truly universal practice, transcending borders, languages, culture, and age. Gomez believes that accessibility to the arts is a vital part of creating and maintaining engaged and vibrant communities, and her public art projects, hosted both in the United States and abroad, encourage multigenerational participation by community members.

Inspired by the Indie Grits 2017 theme, Gomez created a mural that explored the concept of Latinx identity in an intercultural, modern world. The project was be participatory, allowing the public to have an authentic experience with mural painting. While interacting, collaborating, and building with the Columbia community, Gomez used her experiences as a Cuban American to guide and influence the imagery in the artwork in order to showcase the complex and interwoven identities of the Latinx culture landscape.