"Visiones" was the 2016-17 project of Indie Grits Labs. Nineteen Latinx artists were invited to be a part of the "Visiones" fellowship, meeting on a monthly basis—exchanging ideas, collaborating, and tackling major societal issues together as a group. We commissioned the fellowship to create new works that interacted directly with our Columbia community. "Visiones" artists explored the rapid immigration from Latin America that is changing the face of the Southeast. 

Featuring Latinx artists from around the state, these monthly meetings focused on discussions about heritage, the present state of the Latinx in the US, and the future visions of things to come. Finding ways to achieve congruence with our Columbia community by utilizing interactive and social artworks was an important aspect of this project. "Visiones" functioned as a long-term incubator, encouraging a collaborative community of artists to create work around a common theme using a wide range of disciplines and approaches, such as painting, filmmaking, game development, community organization, horticulture, music, storytelling, sculpture, and photography.



Leadership Team


Amada Torruella

Visiones co-curator

Amada Torruella is a Salvadoran artist, storyteller and community organizer; her work explores identity, language, migration, globalization and cultural dissonance. She studied Communications and Journalism in Lyon, France, and as a journalism intern she has worked for the United Nations Population Fund and the Salvadoran government. She is a 2016 National Association of Latino Arts and Culture Leadership Institute fellow. Currently, Amada is the film programmer at the Nickelodeon Theatre, South Carolina's only non-profit art house cinema. Punk, Latin American resistance and the art of demonstrations, among other concepts, were her inspirations for the Indie Grits "Visiones" project. One of her biggest dreams is to open an Arts and Education center in her hometown of San Salvador. 


Seth Gadsden

director of indie grits labs

Seth Gadsden is an artist, educator, and filmmaker from Clover SC. Seth was a founding member of the Redux Contemporary Art Center in 2003 in Charleston SC. In 2006 while pursuing his MFA from Boston University, he co-founded the Boston Young Contemporaries before helping to form the traveling artist collective Transit Antenna and spending the next two years developing community based art projects across North America. Seth came back to SC to paint a mural in his home town of Clover before finding his way to to his current digs at the Nick.North America. Seth came back to SC to paint a mural in his home town of Clover before finding his way to to his current digs at the Nick. North America. Seth came back to SC to paint a mural in his home town of Clover before finding his way to to his current digs at the Nick.


Ivan Segura

Executive director of
Palmetto Luna Arts

Ivan Segura works as the State Monitor Advocate for Migrant Seasonal Farmworker (MSFW) Program at the SC Department of Employment and Workforce.  In this role, he helps to ensure that the services provided to MSFWs are qualitatively equivalent and quantitatively proportionate to the services provided to other jobseekers.

Mr. Segura has over fifteen years of experience in community activism, arts advocacy and grassroots leadership development for Latinos in South Carolina. His volunteer advocacy work includes serving as the Executive Director of Palmetto Luna Arts, and organization dedicated to making a positive impact in society by fostering Latino arts and culture. He is a member of the SC Hispanic Leadership Council’s Board of Directors and also a member of the Advisory Council of Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs’ Institute of Mexicans Abroad.

He serves on the ACLU National Board of Directors and also as treasurer and Affiliate Equity Officer at the ACLU of SC. A graduate of the Riley Institute’s Diversity Leadership Institute, he holds a BS in Financial Administration from Aguascalientes University in Mexico. Mr. Segura’s advocacy, arts and leadership activities place emphasis on the development of Latino youth and children as the future leaders of our community and nation. A firm believer in collaboration, he is constantly forging new collaborative efforts with other minority groups to foster an equitable community for all. 


Pedro Lopez
de Victoria

Visiones co-curator

Pedro LopezDeVictoria is a Puerto Rican American educator, musician, and filmmaker based out of Columbia, SC. Serving as a curator and program coordinator for three Indie Grits festivals, to date, Pedro has become lead organizer of the film program. In the summer of 2017, he was a featured artist-in-residence at the Diagonal Art Gallery in Santurce, Puerto Rico. He has also had video work featured at Tapp's Art Center and The Sweet Spot. In addition to developing the curriculum for a middle school level after school program, Mega MediaLab, Pedro has taught numerous Media Literacy Labs with Indie Grits Labs over the years. He also performs in multiple musical acts, with his own personal project, Skeleton, being featured in concerts all over Columbia. 


Savannah Taylor

Designer, Indie Grits Labs
and the Nickelodeon Theatre

Savannah Taylor is a designer based out of Columbia, SC. She is the in-house designer for Columbia Film Society, where she manages and executes all design projects for both the Nickelodeon Theatre and Indie Grits Labs. She has created two design campaigns for Indie Grits 2016 and 2017, and is in charge of the Nickelodeon Theatre's quarterly publication, The Nick Mag. In addition to print design, Savannah is self taught in html and css. She has created three festival websites, and is the webmaster for both nickelodeon.org and indiegrits.org. In her spare time, Savannah does freelance work and is an active member in her design community and AIGA SC