Alice Rodriguez

Alice Rodriguez

warrior fairy


Artist statement

Map Acrobático, by Diana Farfán, is an installation of 400 Plexiglas acrobat figures joined together by fishing line and suspended to form a map of 35 countries in North and South America. This three-dimensional piece challenges the idea of what it means to be an immigrant and seeks to communicate the overwhelming impact that immigration has on our society.
There are 35 acrobat shapes, each representing a different country, repeated on 3 different scales and painted in multiple colors.
The acrobats symbolize the metaphorical pirouettes, maneuvers, contortions and risks required to overcome the physical and emotional obstacles of achieving the American dream. In this sense, the acrobats are agents of mobility and nonconformity, but also agents of progress and hope.


“I believe in magical realism and the need to create magical situations to either ease our difficulties or push ourselves further. Through Map Acrobático I’m expressing my idea of an ideal nation, one in which we all form a human tapestry without judging each other by appearance, language or place of birth.”