DACA Voices


For Senator Graham

DIRected by Seth Gadsden and Amada Torruella
2017. USA. 10 min.

The promises of the American Dream are center-stage in this powerful portrait of young migrant women striving to secure better opportunities for themselves. In part two of the For Senator Graham series, we are exposed to the realities of Rosa and Karina, two Hondurans who fled their native country as little girls to start over again in Columbia, South Carolina. Today, Karina is a single working mom and Rosa is a young professional in the legal system, dedicated to supporting her immigrant community. With these testimonies we learn how the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrival (DACA) program has been beneficial to their livelihood, their emotional well-being and eased their integration by allowing them to sustain themselves financially and improve the communities where they live.

DACA Voices

In November, after the elections, the need to amplify the voices of South Carolina's undocumented community felt more important than ever before. Indie Grits Labs teamed up with South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center to develop a series of interviews to allow for Deferred Action on Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients to share their stories and communicate with lawmakers and congressmen who play a tremendous role in shaping their uncertain future.

Decisively human and apolitical, the inaugural project from Indie Grits Labs presents a series of urgent testimonies, as a plea for reason, offering a glimpse into the experiences of undocumented youth. DACA Voices was a call to Senators Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin to pass the BRIDGE act, a bipartisan legislation that would allow individuals who are eligible— along with those who have already received relief under DACA program—to remain in the United States without the daily threat of deportation.