Danny Flores

Danny Flores

La Jotería


artist statement

As a queer, Latinx man, my artwork challenges the current social, political, and cultural issues. In my work, I strive to break and embrace stereotypes and generate controversial conversations pertaining to the LGBTQ and Latinx community.

Inspired by the popular Mexican bingo game, La Lotería, I created a queer, Latinx version of it called La Jotería. It consists of 54 cards and a set of boards like the traditional card game. La Jotería is a personal piece based on many parts of my identity.

The first distinctive characteristic of this piece is that the majority of the cards are a modern version of the traditional cards based on a changing society. They feature slang, stereotypes, along with more culturally acceptable language, and political innuendo.

The more you immerse yourself into the cards you will find that many of them reflect a very personal and specific part of me, including the queer aspect of my identity. I made sure to use accurate representation of the minorities displayed in my work. I did this by using real people, real minorities as my models for the characters in my cards.
The most prominent part of this piece is the “glitch” style. I was inspired by the work of Legacy Russell, and her “Glitch Feminism” work. In La Jotería, I use glitching as a way to deconstruct stereotypes and be able to reclaim them by turning them into something else. This process of deconstructing and redeveloping, also known as “taking, breaking, and making” is a concept created and taught to me by artist/filmmaker Oscar Keyes. With this, I was able to break and embrace stereotypes that my queer and Latinx communities have to endure, and hopefully allow others to do the same.
Finally, the most important aspect of this work is the fact that it is made for people to engage with it. Not only is this a piece that generates conversation when looking at the cards, it is a piece intended to be played. Being able to experience and be a part of La Jotería rather than just looking at it allows the viewer to better understand the necessity of redefining these cultural markers.



"La Jotería offers the invaluable experience to redefine cultural markers, and, through play, draw new definitions for words that have historically been used to tear people down."

Paula Mejia, Remezcla, April 2017