Yelitza Díaz

Yelitza Díaz



ARtist statement

As a sculptor, Díaz is deeply passionate about the human form and explores body movement as a universal language. She creates her pieces with various ceramic techniques inspired by contemporary Minimalism art movements. Her work is deeply rooted in existentialism and is generally based on the socio-political realities of her native Venezuela.

With Pequeños Seres Pachangosos (Small Vibrant Beings), her intent was to reflect both the hope and despair of humankind and the internal struggle we all carry with us, as we try to find a balance between these two forces. Each piece represents our will to accomplish the dreams we have set our hearts on.

By using bright neon colors, her goal was to celebrate the purest and brightest of emotions; the human figure and its movement towards the top became a way of displaying the deepest struggles of the everyday being.


Featured works at:

Barcelona, Spain

Se Habla Arte
Valencia, Venezuela

Poseidón Gallery
Margarita, Venezuela

San Francisco, California

The Art Cellar
Greenville, SC